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Jul 12 2016


I was definitely skeptical of everything working as advertised, but it does everything and more. After 2 days of playing around with it I scooped up my cable boxes and told xfinity where to put them. Now just paying for Internet. I’ve watched movies still in theaters, 75% of which are in HD by the way. I watched a live ppv event, which was in standard def but a good quality stream that would’ve cost me 65 bucks to order. My girlfriend has caught up on all her new and old favorite TV shows. I really like the 24/7 channels such as Adult Swim and MST3000. Seriously anything you can think of you can find. A little side note, I have the luxury of being hardwired to my router which I’m sure helps the strength of streams tremendously. There are occasional buffering issues with certain things which could be my crummy ISP, my cheap router, or simply the server you’re using. Usually a quick switch to a different server solves the issue. Overall 5 stars and I will never pay another cable bill again.

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